quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2009

Poverty can be romantic!

*ahem* Excuse me?? ...

Yes, you heard correctly! Poverty can be romantic, and in turn it will be filled with riches in Christ.

Girls, marriage does not depend on earthly values. Romance does not come with attached conditions that demand riches, fame and glory.

I guess in today's maelstrom of ideas on romance and marriage, we as girls have lost the teaching that God has given us. We tend to long for things which are of little value, and of minor importance in the Kingdom.

The day we get married, we will do so because of a Christ-like love from God himself, and not for favours.

So here's a secret for all of us, to keep for the rest of our lives. Romance doesn't have conditions. It only requires a love that can only spring out from the Bible.

Have a blessed week ladies!

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